The Spirit of independence…with just the right amount of support.

The term "Assisted Living” can sound a bit impersonal. However, Assisted Living at Esprit Whispering Ridge is anything but impersonal. We always take the time to understand someone’s complete background, so we’re able to provide personalized care that’s focused on each resident’s individual needs.

We do everything we can to support an active, independent lifestyle. We also recognize that everyone needs different kinds of support, at different times. That’s why we offer a wide variety of assistance. For instance, since prescriptions can sometimes get complicated, we can provide medication management, if needed. Daily routines—from bathing to getting dressed—can turn into daily frustrations for some people. We have a caring team ready to offer a helping hand the minute it’s needed. 

There’s a simple philosophy at the heart of Esprit’s Assisted Living: everyone counts. With us, it’s personal—and we’re proud to assist your loved one with the tasks of daily living. Your loved one will enjoy independence with just the right amount of support when needed, within a gracious residence offering all the comforts of home!

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